Spirit of Web Content Marketing 
Peppered with SEO Tools

Feeling abandoned by your costumers?
A bit deserted?
Not enough engagements on your site?
Visitors are not sticking around long enough?
And Google…Ah Yes, Google’s page rank is low?

AHM …… No wonder

I bring you the Ultimate Combination of Website Content & SEO services:

Content marketing writing, tailored precisely for your customers,

Suited for search engines.

So how can Content Wing assist your business?

Sharp Content Marketing Writing

SEO Tools

Sharp Micro-Copy Writing

Content Wing is offering you The Ultimate Formula:
Content Marketing writing, peppered by SEO Tools, spiced with secret weapon: Sharp Micro-Copy writing
(what is Micro Copy? read all about it on my last article: MICRO-COPY: Nice to have or MUST have?)

If you:

Content Wing helps businesses to sell, with sharpen Content Marketing Writing,
Peppered with SEO techniques to improve Google’s rating,
Increasing traffic to your site, improoving your digital visibility on the result pages

So what does CONTENT WING offer you?

The Ultimate Formula to your site:

Then why are you still on the inner pages of the search result pages on Google?
Tiared of having poor results on your site?

Content Wing is offering you the formula to success on the net:

Great marketing content spiced with SEO tools!
To have more traffic,
To have more audience,
to be highly rated on Google’s page rank, 
to be traced easily by casual surfers,
to come up on the search engines

Read all about being located easily on my  “SEO Key Words Research


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

Mark Twain

After all, only the right words actually sell 

Why  visitors are  abandoning your site so quickly?
You have so much to offer with  your excellent product, then why are you willing to be satisfied with so few?
Aren’t you tiared of being hardly noticed (beside your mom and the neighbor), being deep in the inner search result pages of Google’s ?
After all you’ve been through with your self and your  business, still located deep on the inner search result pages?

 Yes, I would like to have winning Content Marketin that sells

Dance with me SEO

Tired of having your site hardly noticed?
 Low traffic?
Not much sales?
Familiar with the inner pages of Google’s search result page?
Want to be located easily?
Why does your potential customers won’t find you?

Yes, I want to improve my position on Google’s search result page