So much to give, then why settle with so little?

Low page rank of Google ? Settled deep inside the inner pages of the search result pages (where anyone is barely interested in your site)?
Ouch…….After going through so much, with yourself and your business, you are still wading in Google’s inner pages ?
Why do visitors keep on leaving your site so quickly?


So much to offer – for so little in return?

Why settle with that?

A brilliant product, but not enough engagements on your site?

Hardly any visitors coming?

Wann’a stop people abandoning your site?

Believe it or not, the answer is – CONTENT MARKETING
Only by sharp marketing writing you will bring up:
High sales results,
Motivate your audience into action,
More traffic,
Targeted audience,
And…… more sales


So what is the colour of my writing?

Innovative content to increase your website sales

Personalize your product: a personal voice and a personality that touches people

Touching emotion

Writing “micro-copy” – engineering  the visits on your site,  reduce abandoning, improve conversions


CONTENT WING brings a selling breeze of content marketing
with a personal touch


Various writing options (can be customized by need):

Mighty Five- writing the five most important pages on your site (you customize)

Micro Copy

 Good content writing:


A retainer monthly basis of wring

Specific content writing – as required

Refreshing and renew existing content on your site (give oxygen content flow available)

Your own Blog (if you do not have, now is the right time)

My Products Are:


When was the last time you wrote something new on your site?
Was it long ago?
Can you imagine your client?
Wann’a give your site a new look? make it more interesting?

Yes, I want to renew 5 most important pages on my site

Excellent Marketing Content,
What’s all the BUZ around it?

I know where I can take your business,
Do you know where you want to go?

Yes, I want Excellent Marketing Content

Micro Copy

Little Divine Thoughts

Coming soon …